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Pulled Over In Wisconsin? Do This, Not That

Many people are charged with moving violations in Wisconsin every year. However, most people still have questions about what they should and shouldn't do when pulled over. At the Milwaukee law office of Ronald Polan, we encourage you to keep the following points in mind:


Don't simply pay the ticket. If you pay it, you are admitting that you are guilty, and that comes with many unpleasant consequences. In the worst cases, it can mean jail time, heavy fines and loss of your driver's license.

Do learn about your options. It pays to discover the various possibilities available to you for fighting the traffic ticket or OWI/DUI charge. You may find that the charges can be reduced or even dismissed.


Don't try to convince the police of your innocence. Whatever you say can and will be used against you, so keep quiet.

Do share the details with your lawyer. Your attorney will want to know exactly what happened so that he can draft a strong defense on your behalf.


Don't antagonize the police. Getting pulled over and accused of an offense can make the most easygoing person tense and angry. However, don't unleash your frustration on the officer who stopped you.

Do act respectfully. It is wise to cooperate with law enforcement's instructions, even if you believe they are completely mistaken about the charges against you. If they have made an error or violated your rights, let our attorney take action on your behalf.


Don't post anything on social media. You may want to tweet about the ticket you unfairly received or rant on Facebook about your experience, but it's best to avoid doing so.

Do act promptly to protect your driving privileges. After a drunk driving arrest, you have only a limited amount of time before your driver's license is automatically suspended, so you need to take action as soon as possible.


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