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Motor Vehicle Accidents

Despite continued efforts to make driving safer, people are injured seriously every day as a result of traffic accidents. Some are the result of malfunctioning equipment, weather or road hazards. A significant portion, however, are caused by driver negligence — things that could have been avoided if drivers were paying attention and exercising caution on the road.

If you were hurt or lost a loved one because someone else was being negligent on the road, you should not have to handle the fallout alone. Having an experienced auto accident lawyer to represent your interests will make a big difference.

Contact Attorney Ronald Polan in Milwaukee for experienced personal injury representation. With decades of experience and a client-centered practice, he can make sure you recover what you need from the at-fault party's insurance company.

The Reality Behind Injury Claims

In their advertisements, insurance companies claim to be there for people through the tough times in life. Many injury victims will tell you, however, that the second they filed a real claim looking for help, their insurance company left them high and dry.

When you file your injury claim, the insurance company will be looking for ways to minimize the amount of money they pay out. Even if it is clear that the at-fault party caused your accident and that accident caused your injury, they will try to keep the settlement low by quickly offering you compensation.

Do not be fooled by what an adjuster tells you. You need to be sure that you have made a strong case for maximum compensation — a case that reflects your immediate medical needs, your ongoing medical care, the financial consequences of your accident and injury, and the long-term affect that your injury will have on your life and earning potential.

The Personal Service That Can Make A Difference

Our firm is equipped to thoroughly investigate every detail of your case to ensure no opportunity is overlooked. Attorney Ronald Polan works with clients personally to evaluate every case. If a claim seems unreasonable, he will let you know. Our firm is more concerned about making sure you get the right result than about simply having you retain us.

Contact our office in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, for experienced counsel. We can be reached online or by telephone at 414-540-9586 to arrange a free initial consultation.

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